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Marketing Group

Planning for success is smarter than jumping in and hoping for the best.


The Creatief Marketing Group will help you swim in today’s fast changing digital landscape.  Let us strategize and build your brand for the long-term.


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Your Strategic Marketing Partner.

Drive traffic to your business and increase revenue with the Creatief Marketing Group as your strategic marketing partner.  We listen, get to know your business, and learn as much as we can about you before we jump to prescribing solutions. Developing a strong brand identity, messaging, and strategy is important to building the foundation for your organization’s success.


Smart business begins with informed design.  Our Marketing Strategy Workshops are built for discovering the best path for your project and how it fits into your overall business plan.  We listen to your challenges and we ask all the right questions.

Branding & Identity

A brand is what others think about when they hear your company name, see your products, use your services, or see your brand mark (logo).  Now that we have answers to all the right questions we turn them into a marketable brand identity.

Graphic Design & Printing

More than pretty pictures. We express your brand and marketing strategies in ways that delight the senses through sight and touch.   When we finish the design we also handle the printing and ship it right to your place of business.

Web Design

Want your website to work as hard as you do?  Stand back, we’ve got ya covered!
Your website should be more than a gallery of pretty pictures, but an active sales funnel for your business.  We build sites to generate traffic, keep visitors engaged with compelling UX design, and get found easily by search engines.

Internet Marketing

You have a beautiful website.  The project stops their right?  Not even close.  Generate the results you want with our Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing plans.  We develop your online strategy to deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time, then we analyze, update, and re-position.

Video & Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words – blow their minds at 30 frames a second!

Your prospects want to meet you quickly. Think of video as the speed dating of Marketing. We storyboard, film, and craft short videos to engage your audience. Need product or location photography? We can snap that too.

What we do

Imagine… if your brand was recognizable and spoke to the right audience… if your website worked as hard as you do… if your marketing generated traffic to your business, engage your audience, and increased profits. As your strategic marketing partner, we listen, get to know your business, and learn as much as we can so we can develop a plan to grow your business.

Our Process




We have ears and we know how to use them!

As your strategic marketing partner, we listen to your challenges and we ask all the right questions.
We also believe smart business begins with informed design. Our strategy sessions are built for discovering the best path for your project and how it fits into your overall business plan.



Stand out from the crowd, be different.

We partner with your team to define your brand identity, messaging, strategy, profile your target audiences, and define your values. We take all that information about you and craft a customer focused brand that your customers can relate to.



“Design” is an often overused word that simply means: to solve a problem.

Our designers are highly skilled problem-solvers. They put jig-saw puzzles together in their sleep! 
Seriously, though, they really know how to make seemingly impossible things work. And because we did the strategy session with you in Step 1 we understand the steps it takes to create exactly what you want and we give you a proposal that will make you smile.



After you give us your approval we get started making the magic happen.

Sometimes we have to ask you for images and text, like when we build a website, but we send you proofs for your approval so we know we’re developing the best solution for you. We also drink A LOT of COFFEE during this stage!



Once you’ve approved the final design we test, test, then test some more.

We even have one crazy designer who LOVES to break code, designs, anything she gets her hands on. Why? Not because she drinks way too much coffee (well, maybe), but because she wants that design to be bomb-proofed before its delivered.



This is the big day! The moment our team has been sweatin’ for.

Your masterpiece is delivered. You smile. We smile. You show off the final project to your prospects. They buy and keep coming back for more. We showcase your masterpiece in our portfolio. You shout about it on TweetBook-In. 

You call us up and say, “Hey, could you guys make me a…?”


We value your time, which is why we created our series of strategic workshops designed to accomplish in 3-6 hours (or two full days) what some organizations take years to develop.

Our Express Strategy Session is just that – fast, decisive, and refining for companies who already have strategic documents in writing: project brief, schedule, and budget.

The Workshops

  • Intense
  • Full Scope
  • Fog-Clearing
  • Game-Changing
  • Success Mapping
  • Project Blueprint

Brand Strategy Workshop

Develop a customer-focused brand identity your audience will love.

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Reduce sales cycle time and cost with a marketing strategy that generates results.

Website Design Strategy Workshop

Grow your revenue with a user-loving design that communicates to your audience you understand them.

1-Hour Session

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Decisive
  • Refining
  • Enhancing
  • Problem Solving

Express Strategy Session

Save time and money by diagnosing the challenge and developing a solution before your project heads down the wrong path. This 1-hour session is perfect for organizations with the full scope of the project already in writing: a project brief, budget, and schedule.

Schedule A Strategy Workshop or Session

You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you.


Strategize Me!


Fieldwerx logo
HSU UAS CoE logo
HSU Foundation Booklet Thumbnail
HSU Foundation UAS CoE Bi-fold thumbnail

Branding and Identity Development, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Printing, Video, and Responsive Website Design for the Hsu Educational Foundation

FW Machining Sales Flyers: Graphic Design and Printing

Web Design Strategy Workshop: 3-hour session

Taste of North Bay Fundraiser: Graphic Design and Printing

Responsive Website Design, Graphic Design, and Printing for the University of West Florida’s “Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council

Silicone Phone Card Holder Promo Item for T. Condon Law: Graphic Design and Printing

International Nuclear Security Patch: Graphic Design

Premier Media Technologies logo

Premier Media Technologies logo: Brand Identity System, Graphic Design, website design and development, and SEO management

Why We Are Different

Your goals inspire us.


We enjoy connecting with you and building relationships to better understand your business and the message you want to convey. Through discovery and strategy, we develop solutions that communicate your best message to your audience.


As a community-minded agency, we not only care about business but also the needs of our neighbors in Northwest Florida.


The Creatief Marketing Group is here to help you solve your toughest marketing challenges.

"What type of businesses do you work with?"


We help small, medium, and large businesses and have many years of experience working with the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Tourism Marketing
  • D.O.D. Contractors
  • Legal Advisors and Attorneys
  • Health Care: Human and Pets

From Our Clients

Our biggest fans just so happen to be our clients! Here’s what a few of them say about working with us.

“The Creatief Marketing Group has always been responsive to our needs at FWM.  When they make a commitment, you can sleep easy knowing that their word is gold.”

Tim McDonald
Owner, Fort Walton Machining

“This group is easy to reach to discuss ideas and plans. Holly Karr would come up with ideas to improve the site, such as a touch to call number. They have great customer service. People seem to find me readily from search engines.”

Dr. Amy Van Dyke
Veterinarian, Veterinary Acupuncture, Inc.

“Susie (Clifton) and Nic(Dezinski) with the Creatief Marketing Group worked quickly with us to bring to life, our social media accounts. Their local knowledge of the area has made their posts to our sites meaningful and fun. The meetings they schedule with us are productive and seriously look at needed enhancements. We enjoy working with them!”

Kristy Walley
Owner, Cattywampus Eco Adventures

KRATOS Defense logo

“We greatly appreciate working with Creatief who was able to quickly and accurately translate our vision into reality with first-class graphics to support our marketing efforts.”

Maynard Factor
VP, Business Development,
Kratos Defense

“Being a Veteran Owned Small Business, each of our team members (including the owners) are triple-hatted when it comes to our company’s day to day roles and responsibilities.  Our website creation and management used to be stressful and was something we kept delaying and avoiding.

Nic (Dezinski), and Holly (Karr) at Creatief Marketing Group provided us with their professional experience and assistance by developing a clear plan to redesign and update our website along with taking over the day-to-day administrative management of our website.  What a game changer!

We consider Creatief Marketing Group a member of our overall strategic team.

A great asset and team member!”

Randall Hull
General Partner – Business Development & Marketing
On-Point Defense Technologies, LLC.

One Okaloosa EDC logo

“Creatief Group has been a long-time partner to the One Okaloosa EDC, providing our organization with custom video content and expert graphic design services. With each project, they have taken the time to understand our objectives while offering solutions that present our organization in the most favorable light possible.”

Nathan Sparks
CEcD, Executive Director
One Okaloosa EDC of Okaloosa County


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Why Work With Us

  • Your problems are solved faster with our strategy than with other creative agencies
  • Your success is more important to us than the sale of more services
  • We want to be your strategic marketing partner
  • More than just designers – we’re trained problem solvers
  • We’re fun to hang out with too!

We Do Cool Stuff

  • Mind Blowing Strategy Workshops
  • Envy Worthy Enterprise Identity Systems
  • No Limits Graphic Design
  • Attention Grabbing Web Design
  • On-Fire Internet Marketing
  • Eye Candy: Video & Photography
  • Volunteer in our community

Let's discover how we can help you reach your goals.